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#FlipADistrict – Wisconsin’s 1st – Paul Ryan

Hi Bill, I’m Jon, and I live in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. I submit for your Flip A District campaign our eight term Congressman, none other than failed vice presidential candidate himself, Mr. Paul Ryan.

This guy.


Or you might recognize him like this.


Either one you look at, you know him as the thorn in the economy’s side. The guy who wants to privatize social security, basically eliminating the security part, even though the survivor benefits he received after his father passed away helped pay his college tuition. The guy who voted for the Bush tax cuts, helped repeal Glass-Steagall, and voted against Dodd-Frank. You get the gist.

Now our primaries are in August, and there are two democratic challengers. One is Rob Zerban, a chef and entrepreneur from my dad’s hometown of Kenosha. He believes climate change is real, wants to rebuild the middle class, and would work on legislation to reverse Citizens United. Good stuff, and he’s also come closer to defeating Ryan than any other candidate.


The other challenger is a little more outside the box, his name is Amar Kaleka, and if elected would become only the second Sikh congressperson in US history. He is the son of Satwant Kaleka Singh, who was one of six killed in the shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek two years ago. He believes in making voting more accessible for all Americans, giving every consenting American couple the right to marriage, raising the minimum wage, and ending corporate welfare.


So there you have it. Two great candidates to choose from, and you can decide which to throw your weight behind. The way I see it, you can’t go wrong either way.

But the best reason to choose Wisconsin’s First:

What better way to get the message through to Republicans that their economic policies suck than to defeat the Chairman of the House Budget committee?

Oh, and if you decide to expand this to Flip a Governor, we’ve got a good candidate for that too.